Supermarket Slots

It is time to take a trip to Supermarket Slots to stack up on some coins. Spin through the aisles and place scatters, wilds, jackpot prizes, free spins and bonus rounds in your shopping card. There are 5 aisles that display symbols on the reels, and you need to line these symbols up in a left to right formation on 20 win-lines. Scatter hits are the only exception to this rule. You can make these hits anywhere on the reels to make profits. Pay a visit to Supermarket Slots today to see what it has in store for you. This unique and exciting shopping experience is being brought to you by game developer Wager Gaming Technology (WGS).

Place Discount Bets and High Prized Wagers

From discount bets to high end wagers, you decide how this game needs to be played. If you're a new player, or one who bets with a small bankroll, then it might be wise to start with minimum bets of $0.01 per spin. If you have a bit more money to spend, then you can make $10.00 coin wagers. And if you like to raise the stakes really high, then you can go for a maximum bet of $200.00 ($10.00 bets on 20 active win-lines). If this last bet amount is your favorite wager, then you can click on the game's bet max button to skip the time that otherwise needs to be spend on adjusting the play settings for a spin.

Walk the Aisles and Shop for Profitable Non-Feature Icons

When you spin around the aisles, you will encounter a lot of common supermarket food items. Normally, these items would be of nutritional value to you, but they have a money value in Supermarket Slots. Besides common food items, you will also encounter a generous cashier lady. Instead of asking you for money, this cashier will open up the register and give you a big reward if you spin her 5 times on the game screen. 5 cashier hits will turn into a profitable prize of 1000 coins.

Furthermore, pieces of meat form the highest money value food item. Place 5 meat symbols in your shopping card and collect a respectable prize of 400 coins. The dairy products (cheese, yogurt and milk) take the next position on the pay table. 5 dairy product hits are also good for a reward of 400 credits. Also, don't forget to put cookies and doughnuts on your shopping list. Mark 5 times next to these items on your list, because that is the amount you need in order to score a 300 credit hit. Next come the veggies. These healthy products are very nutritious for you and your bankroll, because they come with a top prize of 200 credits.

Once these items are crossed of your shopping list, you can stroll to the canned food section. 5 canned food products give you a prize of 100 credits. Furthermore, the sauce products will provide some extra flavor to your wins. These products are also attached to a top prize of 100 credits. Lastly, you can opt to stack up on some snacks. 5 snack item hits also come with a high prize of 100 coins.

There Will Be Profits on the Receipt if You Hit the Wild Cash Register

In this slot machine, you can replace non-feature icons with a cash register logo. But don't worry about the content of your wallet, because if this register hits the reels, you are not going to pay. Instead, you will be on the receiving side of the deal, and especially when there are five wild icons on the spinning receipt. If such a situation occurs, you will walk out of this casino supermarket adventure with a sweet jackpot prize of 10.000 coins.

Cut out Those Scatter Coupons and Place Them on the Slot Reels

If you are always looking for hot prizes in the supermarket, then you probably like to keep an eye on promotional coupons. Normally, these coupons need to be accumulated until you have enough credits to receive special discounts and other gifts. In this game, it is your task to scatter such coupons around on the slot screen so that you can actually win credits instead of having to redeem them.

Try to cut and paste at least three coupon scatter icons on the reels, because then you will receive an entry to the special free spins round. In this round, you get ten free of charge spins to shop around for wins on the reels. Additionally it is good to know that the number of complimentary spins can be increased during a free spins round. You will also benefit from doubled wins during the free spins feature. However, keep in mind that bonus wins will not be doubled.

Shop for Profits in the Bonus Round

The game's bonus round is perhaps the most fun feature in this shopping themed game. This feature can be triggered with the shopping cart attribute. You need to land at least three of these carts on active win-lines, and they need to be placed in a consecutive order. The bonus feature will take you to a second screen, on which you will make a virtual scroll through the grocery store in order to shop for potentially profitable products.

A Game That Sells You Big Profits

In a normal supermarket, you will see al kind of food and household products on the shelfs. But when you play Wager Gaming Technology's Supermarket Slots, you will shop in a store that sells profits. That is, if you like to play for money. If you're the kind of player who finds it fun to go window shopping, then you can play this game for fun as well. Try it out today in an online, WGS casino game shopping mall of your choice, and see what ends up in your shopping card at the end of the day.