Swept Away Slots

Find yourself in a tropical island with everything you may need to live while waiting for help. Swept Away by WGS Technology perfectly passes you the atmosphere and the mood providing the items you may need on an island including a log fire to keep you warm and a rubber dingy for a desperate row away attempt. So join the slot and start enjoying this special experience. Instead of the standard slots BAR symbols you will find here some typical SOS symbols which will give you some nice payouts. You will also have some hot Jackpots you will be able to hit. Swept Away is easy to play and is a wonderful example of classic traditional slot. In fact you may even get used to the wild but warm life and prefer to stay and enjoy here longer. Your choice!


The overall mood of Swept Away slots is tropical warm and beautiful. The design is quite minimalistic with some wonderfully animated symbols and simple features. You can feel the spirit of a separated island where you can learn to live and enjoy your time for yourself. Once you start the game you will be greeted with a deserted beach and the bamboo and palm Swept Away logo. On the right side of the screen you can see the pay table. The color scheme is an aesthetically pleasing meld of blues, green and sandy gray-tan. The sound effects are rather classic slot sounds which will keep you in the mood. In addition there are many win opportunities to look forward to. So for a relaxed yet exciting experience Swept Away is a wonderful choice. Enjoy!


Swept Away is a simple 3 reel and 1 payline slot with a beautiful tropical island theme. The Swept Away logo symbol is the Jackpot wild symbol. You will hit the maximum Jackpot of 4000 coins once you get 3 of your wild! But even when you get one of them you will still win. The wild symbol will pay 3x of your bet when you see it in any position. It will also pay 3x your bet when you get it on the center pay line.

The twist with the rest of the symbols is that instead of being labelled "Bar" they are wittily labelled with "SOS". The other symbols include Bonfires and the Swept Away Logo as well as a Life Raft. Three bars, mixed from the single, double and triple types, pays you double of your bet. When you land 3 Bonfires on the pay line you will win 300 coins if you bet 3 coins!


In general Swept Away is very easy to play. As a classic slot game there are only the essential features offered here with exciting winning combinations and some hot jackpots available. The maximum coin bet is set at 3 and there are 6 coin values from 10 cents to $10. You can bet 1, 2 or 3 coins on each spin and the more you bet the bigger win you will get! If you prefer you can start from the minimum bet and move to the maximum amount of $30 if you play all of your coins at their maximum value for each game.

To hit the top Jackpot you will need to bid all the 3 coins while in case you bid only 1 coin you will still get the opportunity to hit 1000 coin Jackpot. So you can choose to aim on the top jackpot or take it slower by betting only 1 coin. Just make sure you play the coins at their maximum value as only in that case will you be able to hit any of the jackpots.