X Marks the Spot

X Marks the Spot of big treasures. This 20 win line and 5 reel slot title from casino game producer Wager Gaming Technology (WGS) has a fun pirate theme, and where there are pirates, there are usually big chests full of booty as well. Set sail on the 5 slot reels to find and claim your own treasures. Then head back to your port of choice and get lavishly drunk on a good bottle of rum.

Even Pirates Have to Follow Rules

This game lets you place symbol combinations on a total of 20 win lines. At least one win line needs to be active during your spinning sessions. Whenever you form a winning combination, you will receive a payout. Check the game's pay table if you want to find out which prize amounts can be obtained. You can only claim the highest win on an active win line.

In order to win a prize, you need to form symbol structures that lead from the left of the five reels to the right, and they need to do this in an ensuing order. Only scatter wins do not need to be placed on particular slot reel spots in order to trigger wins. Any slot reel position is suitable for them. To claim wins and other perks, you will make use of special symbols like the scatter cannon, the wild pirate and the treasure map bonus icon. Other great prizes can be won with regular symbols like the treasure chest full of booty, the pirate flag, the ship, the parrot and the monkey.

Blast the Cannon and Scatter Your Wins

Suitably, a cannon is the scatter icon in this game. Hit your slot reel targets with it, and scatter your wins into pieces so that they multiply by the full wager amount. When collecting scatter wins, keep in mind that they do not form a connection with the selected win lines. Additionally, the scatter attribute is also able to trigger free spins.

Triple Your Booty With Free Spins

You will receive a total of 15 free spins when the cannon hits its slot reel targets at least three times. If you believe that 15 free spins are not enough to satisfy your needs, then you will be delighted to know that even more complimentary spins can be obtained when the free spins feature is active.

On top of receiving extra opportunities to win prizes, you also benefit from the fact that these prizes will be tripled when they are won with the help of a free spin. However, this extra perk does not work with bonus winnings. Also, you will not see a three times increase of the complimentary spins that you manage to win during active free spins sessions.

The Pirate Is Your Credit Rewarding Wild

Spin a wild pirate and use it as a substitute icon for other symbols in the game. This replacement function helps you to complete winning symbol combinations, but it is not able to replace cannon and treasure map icons. Additionally, the pirate wild also hands out a top reward of 4000 coins if you place it on the reels 5 times during a single spin.

A Special Treasure Map Leads You to the Bonus Round

A special treasure map symbol is connected to this game's bonus feature. You will enter the bonus round when a minimum of three treasure map icons are placed on active win lines. These three treasure maps need to appear on slot reels one, two and five in order to launch the bonus round.

Spin Other Pirate Themed Symbols

Since this game has a pirate theme, you will encounter all kinds of sea rover related items on its slot reels. These items reward you with prizes that have a wide range of coin values. The pay table starts at the bottom with a case full of rum bottles, which is of course an indispensable item for any serious pirate who undertakes a long journey at sea. The case full of rum bottles does not only give you a good drunk, but also a top reward of 100 coins.

When the bottles of rum are safely stored in the ship, you can sail towards a deserted island. Or better make it 5 islands, because that is the number of symbol hits you need to claim another reward of 100 coins. The monkey will accompany you on your journey in search of deserted islands and profits. The more monkeys you collect the higher your profits will be. 5 Monkey symbols hand out the maximum prize of 100 coins.

In terms of typical pirate items, the captain's hook can of course not be forgotten. Hit 5 hooks on the reels and claim a prize of 200 coins. Furthermore, a colorful parrot will also pay you a maximum reward of 200 coins. The pirate lady is next in line on the pay table. She pays 400 credits if you spin her 5 times on the reels. And what would a pirate be without a ship. In this game it is a credit rewarding ship that is connected to a top prize of 400 credits. The skull and bones flag is used to mark the ship as a pirate vessel, and it hands out 600 credits when it appears 5 times on the horizon. Lastly, the chest full of doubloons is the highest paying symbol with a top reward of 1000 credits. Now that is something to set sail for me matey.

Claim Your Booty With the Help of X Marks the Spot Slots

Find out where the booty is hidden with the help of X Marks the Spot Slots. This game will not disappointed you if you're a pirate loving treasure hunter who is in for a daring adventure on the world's wildest seas. Play this game during some test runs and set sail for some real cash profits once you understand it fully.