Triple Gold Slots

Triple the chances and Triple Gold Slots is an excellent example of a classic one-armed bandit. The conventional slot machine of years gone by. The game is a throwback to that golden period in history where slots were more straightforward and grounded in reality. There are the standard 3-reels and a single pay line. The game offers a satisfying blend of modern-day casino features and past classic slot action. There is a Wild symbol, complete with a generous multiplier to boost winning payouts. There is also a considerable jackpot of 15,000 coins. The game symbols and theme are a lively pair, contributing the casino theme in all its magnificent glory. The betting starts at just 10 cents per spin, which will certainly not break the bank, and a tiny bankroll can last you for ages. Let's take a quick sneak peek inside Triple Gold Slots, shall we?

Theme & Layout

Triple Gold has a neat and a well-organised design and layout which is stylish. The retro feel is there from the start, and the theme is a classic concoction with a slot machine structure. It oozes traditional game icons and is a real pleasure to behold. The colour scheme is red, white and blue and the bright and useful paytable is clearly and prominently displayed. The reels take in the central part of the screen, and the game buttons are large and bright and cannot be missed, and there is a bright green flashing light that accompanies any wins, adding a more dramatic effect. The background casino ambience noise adds more atmosphere and an immersive effect.

Betting Fun and Payout Values

The game has a well oiled, tried and tested wagering set up which works wonders. The wagering is based on the coin sizes and the single pay line, combining with the reels, where the game symbols create all the winning payouts. The coin sizes are $0.10, $0.50, $1, $2.50, $5, and up to a maximum of $10 per coin. The maximum bet limit is $30, comprising of the maximum coin value, and maximum coins allowed on the pay line, which is three. The payouts are very improved with the maximum limit of three coins, so much so that the three Triple Gold icons will pay out a jackpot of 5,000x the wager, or 15,000 coins worth $150,000! Betting one coin still gets you a very decent payout. A single Cherry game symbol will pay out 2x the bet. The Triple Gold symbol is the Wild, and it pays out quite well. Landing just one icon will triple your winning payout just, and landing two of them comes with a generous 9x multiplier!

Elegant Symbols of Class

The game icons that appear on the reels include the following; single, double and, of course, triple Bars, Cherries, lucky Sevens, and the Wild Triple Gold game Logo. The upside is they appear frequently, and the payouts are more often than average. By keeping the gameplay and game icons simplistic, you can concentrate on the betting without any distractions. The symbols do their job admirably and are indeed reminiscent of the traditional and classic slots figures of the past, which are still in use in the present day.

Golden Jackpot

The icing upon the cake is the really exceptional jackpot included in Triple Triple Gold Slots. It adds extreme excitement and intensity, besides offering additional chances to win a big payout. The prize is won by landing all three Triple Gold icons on the reels, along with a maximum bet of $30, which consists of three coins of $10 each. Betting one or two medals still gains a decent payout, and even a minor chance of 10 cents gets a minor bonanza payout! The other game icons do pay out somewhat, and there are multiple ways to win a hefty payout of some sort. The jackpot adds something extra to the slot game in addition to the Wild feature.


Triple Gold serves up enough casino action and winning chances to please any player. The slot game works like a classic slot machine in every sense of the word. The inclusion of the Wild feature enriches the gameplay quite a bit, and the jackpot adds even more to the immense excitement. The four-game symbols are enough to create rather good wins and high-level tension and action. The theme is very much like a slot in a casino that it reminds one of the excitement of Las Vegas, or Monte Carlo. The game plays out pretty frequently, due to the limited number of symbols, yet the wagering works well and will please any player. The mobile version of this game is an elegant creation which works efficiently and smoothly on most mobile devices, and it is fully compatible with modern operating systems. The game can be downloaded to your tablet or smartphone or played in Instant Play mode, which requires no waiting or even downloading. The graphics are brilliantly displayed, and you will be well impressed with the overall quality of the mobile version of the game. It loads up really quickly too. Try out this uncluttered and classic slot game. You might find that Triple Gold slots is your cup of tea!