Winter Wonderland

It is time to take your mittens, your hat and your warm winter coat out of the closet, because the frosty snow and holiday season has arrived when Winter Wonderland Slots from seasoned developer Wager Gaming Technology (WGS) appears on your game screen. Give this joyful and rewarding game a try in free mode or open a bag full of valuable online casino presents in the lucrative real mode version.

Follow the Game Rules and Claim the Profits

This game lets you place winning symbol combinations on 1 to 20 win lines. You can receive the predetermined combination payouts that are displayed in the game's pay table. As a rule, you will only receive the highest win for every pay-line hit. Also, your symbol hits needed to be lined up in a consecutive, left to right order on one to five reels. Only scatters do not follow this rule. They always pay, no matter where you place them on the reels.

Regular Symbols That You Love to Find Under Your Christmas Tree

Besides an abundance of special symbols, you also get to enjoy a great selection of regular symbols that can reward you with great prizes. For example, you can use the snow tractor to plow a clear path towards great profits. With an impressive top prize of 10000 credits, this is one icon to look out for when you spin the reels. And because winter is the time of many holiday celebrations, you also have to be on the lookout for the present that is wrapped in red paper. This holiday gift delivers a top reward of 600 credits.

Also important are the blue mittens, and not only to keep your hands warm in the cold. 5 mitten hits on the slot reels are good for a great 400 coin reward. The hat is another important piece of winter clothing that manages to give a bit more than just warmth. Spin it 5 times on the screen and receive another 400 credit reward. And It does not end there, because the sled rates just below the hat on the pay table. This icon comes with a top reward of 200 credits. And if you prefer to slide through the winter wonder land on ice skates instead of a sled, then you can aim to spin 5 white ice skate icons on the reels. A 200 credit reward is your reward when you accomplish this spinning goal.

Furthermore, the gingerbread man is one of the remaining holiday season symbols that cannot be missed on the reels. 5 delicious gingerbread man icons give a top reward of 100 credits. Also make sure that you spin the scenic winter wonderland town on the reels. This is a symbol that grands you a maximum prize of 100 credits. Lastly, the final, lowest paying symbol depicts a lady who is wearing winter clothes. She is also good for a maximum prize of 100 credits.

Have a Lot of Scatter Fun With Snowflakes

You know it is time for winter and for some serious scatter fun when the snowflakes symbols start to drop down on the reels. Form wins with these snowflakes and multiply your wager value. Do not focus on the selected pay-lines when you aim to collect scatter profits, because these wins form no connection with them. Lastly, besides their function as wager multipliers, scatter snowflakes also delight you with special free spins gifts.

Falling Snowflakes Bring Along Free Spins

Cover the reels with snow to create that special winter feeling and to trigger the free spins gift. You need a minimum of three snowflake hits in order to claim a total of 15 free spins. The amount of free spins can be increased, since you can win even more of them when the complimentary spins round is active. Your win amounts will also increase during the free spins round, since all prizes are multiplied by three as long as they are not bonus wins. However, you will not be able to triple your available free spins number while you are using complimentary spins.

Build Wild Snowman Sets on the Slot Reels

This game presents its wild to you in the form of a jolly snowman. Use this typical winter icon as the missing link for your symbol combinations, but remember that it cannot be applied to replace the scatter snowflake or the skier bonus logo. Also, keep in mind that the wild snowman is able to give you an abundance of casino credits. Two snowman figures are good for a credit reward of 20, and 3 of them already reward you with 100 coins. However, it gets really interesting when you hit 4 or even 5 wilds, because then you respectively receive 500 credits or the top prize of no less than 4000 credits.

Skiers Will Brings You to the Bonus Round

Make sure that you put those skiers on the slot reels, because when you see at least three of them on any of the activated win lines, you are entitled to enter the special bonus round. Keep in mind that it does not matter on which win line these skiers will appear, but that it is necessary for them to take their place on reels one, three and five. The prizes that you win during the bonus feature, will be attached to generous multiplier rewards. The actual multiplier number is determined by the number of win lines that cross through.

Make Yourself Comfortable With a Game of Winter Wonderland Slots

Winter is the perfect season to stoke up the fire in your fireplace, grab a cup of hot cocoa and comfortably crawl behind your game screen for a few joyful hours of online slot machine game fun. Winter Wonderland Slots aims to give you that fun. Play it on your favorite WGS supported casino platform, and give yourself the most memorable casino credit presents during the holiday season.