Harbour Master Slots

Here comes Harbour Master. A finely tuned and well-oiled game with 3-reels and a single pay line. The wagering is surprisingly agile and varied despite the game's limitations. In fact, the slot swings from the one extreme to the other while wagering and this means that the game will be attractive to all types of casino players. The theme is based on yachting with the sea in the background. The theme makes the betting experience satisfying, and the casino action is exceptional. There aren't any bonus rounds, neither are there free spins, yet the game manages to forge its way forwarding on its own two legs. So let's join the impressive Harbour Master and see what is actually coming in, and what is going out?

Harbour Master Theme & Symbols

The slot game includes some adventurous game icons that land on the centrally located reels. They add a magical touch of the traditional blended with a modern feel. You can expect to find a concise number of game icons which include; a Binoculars, a Sea Clock, a Compass icon, a Ship symbol and an expensive Yacht icon. There aren't that many symbols; however, this works in your favour as they land more often and there is more chance of winning a hefty payout, so the game pays out more frequently than average just as the symbols appear more often on the reels.

Yachting Marvel

Yachting is a popular sport that suits the affluent and famous. The slot game brings that luxurious, magic touch to proceedings by providing a rather classy and definitely glamorous atmosphere with an incredibly immersive theme. The slot symbols fit into it perfectly and add that little extra bit of brilliance. The Harbour Master character gets the optimum view of everything that is going in and around the harbour, almost like a front ringside circus seat. He will never get seasick up there in his lofty perch, and he gets to see everything and feel the genuine sporting and adventure pleasures of yachts and boats. The atmospheric theme is original, fresh and exciting, and the wagering action really is first class!

Wagering in Elegance

The betting system used in Harbour Master Slots is really quite optimal and great fun to use. It is based entirely on the 3-reels and the one pay line. The variety is spiced up quite a bit with the various coin values. The coin sizes are $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1, $5, rising up to $10 as an upper top limit. Apart from that, you can wager up to five coins upon that one pay line. So the variations are really quite vast! In effect, the wagering starts out at 10 cents per spin, rising to a maximum bet limit of $50 per spin, which is made up of the five highest value coins wagered upon the only pay line. The game is attractive for all types of players from novices to high rollers. The full focus is on the betting process, and there are no interruptions or features that clutter the game and confuse players during the wagering.

The Symbol Payout & Combinations

All the game icons pay out differently when they land a winning combination. The Boat icon can pay out 5x the wager amount for getting them all. The pair of Binoculars come next, paying out up to 25x your bet. Then the beautiful and luxurious Yacht, with a multiplier of 100x the wager is next, and the highest paying game icon of them all is the Compass symbol. That one pays out with a significant multiplier of 200x your wager! If you are betting the maximum of five coins per bet, then you will stand a chance of winning 1,500 coins! These coins are worth up to $75,000 if you are betting the top coin value of $10 per spin, and with all five coins put on the pay line! The Compass icon will point you in the right direction towards the bank with that high payout at stake! The other game icon that pays out well is the Clock symbol, and although it does not tell you the time, it does reward you rather handsomely!

The Wild Sea Clock and the Compass Jackpot Feature

The Sea Clock icon acts as a Wild symbol. When it lands upon the reels, it will replace the other symbols to configure winning combinations. The feature is a low key one, as it does not intrude or distract from the wagering process; instead, it really adds considerable winning combinations and multiple opportunities. The Compass icon is the other one to look out for. It can win you the highest paying fixed jackpot of 1,500 coins, which amounts to $75,000.

Harbour Master Summary

With a rather unusual yet original theme, Harbour Master slots pulls a rabbit out of its hat and come up trumps with this game! Considering that the Harbour Master's job involves dealing with local safety information messages provided to Mariners and seamen, they also look after navigational aids and provide assistance within a seaport. Translating all this into a good slot game is a brilliant idea and a significant effect on the game. The wagering is quite satisfying and sufficiently varied to be of interest to all players' tastes. Harbour Master slots should appeal for its original theme, fine wagering and frequent payouts. The topmost jackpot is worth aiming for as it reaches $75,000, and betting the max coin values, and amounts will increase your chances of claiming and winning it. Even betting the lowermost coin value, but with three coins, players stand to win a modest, yet satisfying $150, with a 10 cent wager! Find out how interesting the Harbour Master's job is, and win as you move along a journey of discovery, and yachting brilliance!