Karaoke Cash

Sing along and spin along with Karaoke Cash Slots from online slot title builder Wager Gaming Technology (WGS). This music themed game displays its symbols on five reels that have three rows. These symbols can be placed on 1 to 20 win-lines. Some of the slot icons are extra special, because they act like a wild, or they trigger free spins rewards and a bonus feature.

It is better that you're not nerves about singing in public when you play this game, because the crowds will gather to see you sing and make your profits. Make sure that you don't disappoint them with your voice and that you don't disappoint yourself with bad spins. Sing like a bird and gather money like a banker, and you will be well on your way to a standing ovation from the fans.

Sing and Spin According to the Rules

Spread the slot title notes over a total of 20 pay-lines and create golden record songs. 5 reels are drawn over the screen like strings on an instrument. Play them well and you will be producing the most rewarding melodies. The highest bet amount that you can place to create your profit making tunes is $200.00 with $10.00 coin bets on 20 active pay lines. The lowest possible bet is a $0.01 wager on just one active win-line.

Boost Your Money Making Music Career With Powerful Slot Symbols

All of the symbols in this game have some kind of connection to music and the music industry. The most special slot reel attributes are symbols that you might expect in a karaoke themed casino game. These symbols are the golden record, which takes on the function of a wild in this slot, the logo karaoke cash star bonus, and the scatter contract icon. Make sure that you spin any of these icons at least three times on the screen, because then you will take very big steps towards stardom and a golden future.

From these three special symbols, the golden record wild pays the highest cash amount, if you don't take into account the huge multiplier rewards that can result from multiple scatter hits on the reels. The highest possible multiplier is attached to a 5 times scatter hit. Be so fortunate to make this hit and you will benefit from a huge 1000 times multiplier.

The wild hands out a great reward of 10.000 credits if you're so lucky to spin it 5 times. This wild is, of course, also a substitute icon, which replaced unwanted logos on the reels so that you will be able to properly form you winning combinations. Keep in mind though, it will not replace any scatter or bonus attributes for you.

From the regular paying items without special bonus perks, the musical notes are the most rewarding. Hit the right snare and you will be singing your way to the bank, because 5 musical note hits are good for a sweet sounding prize of 1000 credits. If you're so good at singing and spinning, the judges might show up to give you praises and rewards. A 5 times judges hit is awarded with a maximum score of 500 credits. And from a maximum score from the judges, it is an easy step to be noted into the next music chart magazine. Collect this magazine as a reminder of your brilliant performance and because of its incredible value. The magazine icon is worth a 100 coins when you spin it 5 times on the reels.

A red-haired lady might join you on the stage during your next performance, and that is good for you, because she brings along 300 credits if you spin her in a quantity of 5. The next objective is to record your CD, and you better want to make at least 5 copies of it, because these copies will then give you a total profit of 200 credits. And if you're thinking about which songs need to be on that CD, you might want to spin the list of karaoke hits to come up with some good ideas. Besides giving you ideas for sing along songs, this list also rewards you with a generous top reward of 200 credits.

The crowd will go wild when they hear your next karaoke hits, and you will go wild when you see that 5 enthusiastic crowds boost your bank account with a reward of 100 credits. Give the fans what they've paid for. Turn up the sound and blast your golden voice through the speakers. The more speakers, the better, because a louder sound equals bigger profits. 5 speaker icons are good for a reward of 100 coins. And when the fans go home, they will continue to listen to your music on their iPod, while you will be listening to the tinkling of coins. When at least 5 iPods appear, your bank roll receives 100 credits.

Take the Stage in Karaoke Cash Slots

Do you feel that you can sing like an angel? Then there might be a chance that you can turn your golden notes into piles of golden coins. Karaoke Cash gives you that opportunity. Aim for the top and become successful in the music industry with this karaoke themed slot title that will not only make you famous, but also very rich.

Hit the right symbol notes in order to attract the biggest crowds and the highest cash prizes. The fans will flock to the stage and the coins will fill your bank account. But before you start to sing for the big crowds, it might be best to do a few try-outs to test your skills and the equipment. There is no pressure during such try-outs. Sing freely and spin without concerns in a fun mode version of the Karaoke Cash Slots game. You can find such a version in WGS powered casinos, but also on game review sites.