Mega Money Mine Slots

Mega Money Mine slots is a classic and influential game with a 3-reels and one pay line layout. The theme is that of a slot machine set up with lots of great traditional symbols that populate the reels. The design and style was a retro throwback to the past when a slot machine was a real gambling game without any special features. These types of slot games usually do rely on the symbol combinations for winning payout to be awarded. With Mega Money Mine Slots you will get a massive paying progressive jackpot, which provides a pleasant change and will introduce extra intensity and feverish anticipation. The progressive jackpot counter is precisely located on the screen just above the spinning reels of fortune. Below those reels, you will find the conveniently located game controls. With a glittering golden colour scheme, the slot game oozes retro class, elegance and traditional values. Let’s take a better look at Mega Money Mine slots, and dig deep into the mine of fortune to discover the hidden riches and treasures.

Icons of the Past

Mega Money Mine slots use retro and classic game symbols that turn up on the reels. They include; single bars, double bars, red cherries, bright and glittering diamonds, gold bars, pots of gold, lucky sevens and spades to dig deep for your treasure. There is a Mega Money Mine logo icon that acts as a symbol. The symbols are all representative of the subject matter and theme, and the atmosphere they manage to create is a real pleasure to behold

Casino Betting

The betting process is similar to that of a real slot machine in a land casino. The choice is kept simple but still manages to create a satisfying selection of bets and a great experience. There is only one coin size, which happens to be $1.50. It can combine with the one pay line to create the wagering options. You will have the choice of wagering one, two, or three coins on that pay line. This will create three distinct betting options of $1.50, $3., and $4.50 for each spin. It has to be said, betting the highest bet amount will significantly increase the probabilities of you winning any kind of payout. In order to qualify for the highest paying progressive jackpot, you will need to bet the maximum amount of coins, which is three.

Jackpot Magic

The one special feature that the game serves up is the progressive jackpot. It is a worthy addition and can enrich your balance in an instant. It is triggered randomly, but betting the maximum coins activated it more easily. Playing with all three coins gains 100% of the jackpot amount. Playing with just two coins will gain 30% of the total amount, and only one coin will acquire 15% of the full jackpot total. The slot game also incorporates a non-progressive jackpot which can pay out a hefty reward of 2,250 coins. That could amount $10,125. It is calculated at the rate of 2,250 x $4.50 to come up with a grand total of $10,125. So, at the end of the day, it is much better to be betting three coins rather than less as the wins, and the highest standard jackpot gets much higher. It also qualifies you for the high paying progressive jackpot at the same time. It is worth keeping all that apparently in mind, especially since the uppermost bet of three coins only amounts to $4.50.

Conclusion of the game

Mega Money Mine wins the day by keeping the flow and structure of the game simple, straightforward and easy to control. It creates many winning chances with the assistance of the game icons and symbols. The progressive jackpot along with the fixed prize are more than welcome inclusions, especially with the absence of any other special casino features. The icons themselves add an atmospheric and immersive theme, and the design, style and layout of the game accentuate that. The wagering system, although entirely limited by just one coin size, can still manage to conjure up excellent gambling action with meaningful betting. The jackpots are a great attraction, without a shadow of a doubt, yet the slot game pays out rather frequent, yet modestly. The overall vibe playing Mega Money Mine is a supremely satisfying one, and the slot game has a lot of good and positive qualities. Newcomers and novices alike will take to the game like a duck does to water, and they will find it a useful stepping stone to move on to slots with a higher maximum wagering limit. In the meantime, you can enjoy the slot game and appreciate all its wonderful winning qualities and potentially generous payouts. Enjoy a traditional, classic and exceptional slot game that never fails to deliver high-octane casino thrills.