Princess Jewels

Was it ever your dream to become a real princess so that you can surround yourself with precious jewels in a fairy tale castle? Then it is time to stop dreaming. Now you have a unique chance to embrace that once in a lifetime opportunity, because you're invited to play Princess Jewels Slots from prominent casino game house Wager Gaming Technology (WGS). This well-known online slot developer presents a simple to play and very fun game that has the potential to become a true favorite if you're a girl or a lady who dreams of living a rich, fairy tale life.

Sparkles and Dollar Signs in Your Eyes

This is a slot machine that will certainly be able to enchant you with its many features and its wonderful display. Not only will this game place dollar signs in your eyes thanks to its generous amount of fruitful winning opportunities, but it will also place a sparkle in your eyes thanks to the many jewels that are displayed on the screen. These jewels and their surrounding graphics all look very pleasing to the eye.

How to Make Your Wins

The Princess Jewels Slots action takes place on a set of 5 slot reels with 3 rows, and the game's symbols can be placed on a maximum of 9 win-lines. The slot comes with a few special features, which are a bonus round, a wild attribute and a jackpot prize of 10.000 credits. It is possible to make bets that range from $0.01 to $10.00 per active line. You are advised to play with all the available lines, because that is how the biggest wins come to life. A maximum, 9 win-line bet is $90.

The bet value can be adjusted with the help of arrows that are placed on the bottom of the screen. At the bottom, you will also see a couple of other buttons that can be used to adjust game settings. For example, you can click on the auto play button to put all your spins conveniently on autopilot. There is also a bet max button that automatically lets you wager the highest bet amount of $10. You can of course also choose to play with lower wagers, and that makes this game ideal for small budget players as well as for high rollers with big budgets.

On the bottom left side of the screen, you will also see the pay table button. Click on this helpful button if you want to learn more about all the game details. The pay table screen explains the rules, but it also shows the available symbols and their matching payouts. There are two kinds of slot symbols in this casino game. You can make combinations with regular, non-feature attributes, and you can claim special perks with the bonus icon and the wild logo.

Collect Sparkling Jewels and Line Them up to Win Coins

As you might already suspect from its name, this slot title is centered around jewels in various shapes and sizes. You can find these colorful and precious items on the reels, and there are many variations like rubies, emeralds, sapphires and diamonds. The diamonds are your best bet when you want to win big. 5 shiny diamonds are good for a sparkling prize of 300 credits. The ruby is also a good choice, as you can make 200 credits with it if you manage to spin that jewel 5 times. However, if you really want to hit it big, you need to have a look at the special princess wild symbol.

Let the Princess Guide You to Great Prizes

It probably will be no surprise that the pretty looking princess is your wild in this slot title. This lady can be very generous if you spin her on the reels, and especially if you collect her 5 times. She will then hand over the game's amazing jackpot prize of 10.000 coins. But even if you spin her just 4 times on the reels, there will still be a motivation to cheer as such a spin grants you 1000 credits. The wild can also be used as a substitute for an icon in symbol combinations as long as that icon is not a bonus logo. So the Princess Jewels Slots wild can be the defining element that makes big wins possible.

The Fairy Godmother Bonus Symbol Grants You Many Profitable Wishes

Besides the wild, you can also spin a bonus icon on the slot reels. The fairy godmother presents herself as this bonus attribute, and she can make all your dreams come true when you spin her three times on the reels. If that triple hit happens, the fairy will launch a bonus round for you. She does not need to be placed on active win-lines to trigger this bonus feature. You will be transported to a special spinning wheel, which has three circles that are filled with lots of precious jewels. It is at this three-circle wheel that the bonus magic takes place, so give it your best spin in order to win the highest rewards.

Are You Ready to Live the Fairy Tale Life of a Wealthy Princess

Are you ready to live the fairy tale life of a wealthy princess? Then this cute, colorful, sparkling and easy to play slot machine is the one you need to play on Wager Gaming Technology driven casinos. These casinos let you decide how you want to play this game. That means that it is not necessary to start with real money wagers. You are given the opportunity to learn all the rules and tactics in a fun and free test version of the game. Then, when it is time to put a little bit more at stake, you can start to place wagers with real coins. But whatever your preferred entertainment option of choice might be, you will be at the right place as a princess adoring slot reel player.