What’s Your Sign

Do you know your zodiac sign? It depends on your day of birth which sign is connected to you. Each sign is matched to certain personality traits, and if you happen to be a winner, then it is time to spend some time online at virtual casino platforms, because some of these casino have a special zodiac sign game in their collection that you should definitely give a try. What's Your Sign Slots is a neatly designed slot creation from the respected online casino game company Wager Gaming Technology (WGS). It has a total of 12 win-lines, 3 rows and 5 slot reels. On these reels, you will see all kinds of zodiac themed symbols like for example Aries, Libra, Leo and Capricorn. Some of these colorful and cartoonish looking logos even have special features that provide extra game perks. These special features come in the form of a captivating bonus round, a useful wild and a generous jackpot prize. Place all the funny looking zodiac signs in proper, consecutive combinations on the 12 win-lines and see how your bankroll increases while the correctly paced spinning action takes place.

Spin Non-Feature Zodiac Signs to Claim Your Wins

All the familiar zodiac signs are present on the reels of this online slot machine title, and it is up to you to put them into the correct left to right order so that you can score big with winning combinations. Aquarius gives you the biggest non-feature item score with its top prize of 500 credits for 5 reel hits. The same prize can be won with a 5 times Aries hit, and also with a 5 times Capricorn spin.

The next three icons on the pay table have a top prize of 300 credits. These zodiac signs are Gemini, Leo and Libra. Then come the symbols with a maximum prize of 200 credits. These attributes are Pisces, Sagittarius and Scorpio. The lowest paying game icons all give you a maximum prize of 100 credits, which can be claimed if you spin those items on the reels a total of 5 times. These low paying game symbols are Taurus, Virgo and Cancer. All of these non-feature icons as well as the special feature symbols and the game rules, can be found on the pay table, which you are able to place on the screen via the 'paytable' button on the bottom left side of the slot reel section.

Put the Wild Sun on Your Screen to Earn Big Cash Amounts

The wild symbol in this game looks like a two-faced sun. This icon takes on the substitute role, which means that it is able to replace other symbols that are not needed in your combinations. So spin this wild on the reels to claim the win. The wild sun is not able to replace a bonus icon. Furthermore, the wild is also connected to a very big and generous win. If you manage to line up five wilds on the reels, the reward for your action will be 10.000 credits.

Land Rewarding Bonus Wheels on the Slot Reels

Besides the wild attribute, there is also a bonus feature icon that can be spun on the slot machine reels. This bonus icon looks like a colorful spinning wheel, and you need to land it on the reels and on active pay-lines in a quantity of three to launch the special bonus game. Give this bonus round your best shot so that you win even more stacks of coins.

Control the Reels and Your Bets With Game Adjustment Buttons

Take control of the slot machine reels and of your wagers with the help of convenient game adjustment buttons that can be found at the bottom of your game screen. Besides the already mentioned 'paytable' button, you will also see a plus and a minus key. Use these two arrow keys to increase or decrease your wagers. Your lowest available betting amount is $0.01, but you can also go for the highest $10.00 bet if you have a considerable budget to play with. On 12 active pay-lines this means that you can place a maximum wager of $120. Expect to see big winnings if such a wager decides to team up with a bit of luck. However if you're just a budget player, then $0.01 bets are a good value to start with until you feel comfortable enough to place higher bets.

Speaking of comfort, if you want to sit back and relax a bit during your spinning sessions, then the 'autoplay' button is your way to go. This function puts the spins on autopilot, so that you can take your hands off the spin button for a while. This game also has a 'bet max' button, which can be used if you are a high stakes player who always prefer to place the maximum wager. Once you have decided on how you want to play and how much money you want to bet with, it is time to hit the spin button on the bottom right side of the screen.

Will $ Be Your Sign in What's Your Sign Slots

Do you like to find out what is your zodiac sign? If you're a lucky slot reel player, then that sign could be the much desired $. Play this game and see if being a strong winner is one of your personality traits. And if you just love to have a good time, than that is also a personality trait that matches very well with this game.

What's Your Sign Slots is a very suitable slot title for if you love to win big amounts of cash, but also for if you find pleasure in just playing the game without the presence of real coin wagers. Both the real version and the fun free version can be found on casinos that are supplied by the entertainment software creations from Wager Gaming Technology.