Wheel of Chance 3 Reel Slots

Wheel of Chance 3 Reel Slots is a colorful online slot machine game that has a classic and traditional appearance. However, beneath the traditional design of this Wager Gaming Technology (WGS) produced slot title, you will find a couple of unique game elements that are able to surprise you in a positive way. As you can see from its title, this casino entertainment option boasts a total of three slot reels. And because it is a classic slot, you will be able to make winning symbol combinations with only one pay-line that crosses the center of the reels.

Three reels and one pay-line are very standard features in classic titles, but Wheel of Chance 3 Reel Slots shifts the old-school game experience into a more unique and uncommon direction with its added bonus features. These features offer more than just regular payouts, and they also add an element of excitement to the mix. There is a prize wheel bonus round that you can play, and you can spin a win multiplying wild in the form of a diamond.

Use a Familiar Set of Game Play Buttons

This game might be a bit more unique because of its features, but in terms of operating mechanisms it offers you a familiar set of square shaped buttons that you can easily use to place your bets and make cash wins. Since there is hardly any learning curve involved, you can start to spin and win right away. But before you hit that spin button, you need to make a few important decisions that will determine the outcome of the spinning session.

First of all, it is important to choose the number of coins that will form your bet. The minimum number of coins per bet is one and the maximum is three. Furthermore, these coins also need to have a bet value attached to them. The available bet values are $0.01, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $2.00, $3.00, $4.00, $5.00, $6.00, $7.00, $8.00, $9.00 and $10.00. As you can see, there are lots of suitable bet options, no matter if you have many coins in your bankroll or just a small number of them.

Place your bets wisely in order to get the most value out of your spins, and keep in mind that the most daring bets can also trigger the biggest rewards. One way to place daring wagers is by hitting the 'play max' button. This button automatically places a bet with three coins in order to maximize your potential win. Lastly, there is also an 'auto play' function, which puts the whole spinning show on autopilot so that you don't have to push any buttons anymore. Just hit the button once and then sit back to observe how the spinning events on the screen play out.

Make Money With the Classics

You are going to make money with the classics in this game. The available classic symbols in this slot can be looked up at the game's pay-table. This pay-table has a total of three rows. Each of these rows displays a set of rewards that can be won. The first row shows the available rewards for one coin bets, the second row shows prizes for two coin bets and the highest payouts are displayed in the three coin bet row.

Should you happen to play with a three coin bet and the three diamonds appear on the reels in a row and on an active pay-line, then you will be the proud winner of 2400 casino credits, which is the jackpot prize of the three coin bet game. That jackpot reward is 1600 for a two coin wager and 800 for a single coin wager. But these rewards are of course just tip of the ice-bergs as there are many other alluring prizes that can be won when you make combinations with the available reel symbols. This includes the trigger of the bonus round with the prize wheel and the four times multiplier if a set of two diamonds will hit the reels.

The available non-feature payouts start with the lowest value of 2 coins, which you receive in exchange for one cherry hit during a one coin bet. From there on, you can go as high as a 160 coin prize, which you receive for landing a combination of three red sevens on the reels during a two coin bet. Additionally, you can also win some mid-range cash prizes with the help of single, double and triple bars.

Add Some Spice to Your Classic Slot Game Experience

If you are looking to play a classic slot game that ads a bit of extra spice to the experience thanks to its included bonus round and its wild feature, then you should give Wheel of Chance 3 Reel Slots a couple of spins. Besides the presence of those special features, this game has not much to offer in terms of visuals, fun theme elements or cutting-edge game play details, but that might be just what you want if you flock to online casinos for the wins and not so much for the entertainment values of games.

There will be no distractions when you spin the reels of this slot machine, and thus it provides a suitable game play environment for if you fully want to focus on spinning and winning. However it is also a fun option if you are a fan of the old games, or if just cautiously want to start playing simple slots as a new player. And when it comes to being cautious at first, you should also be aware of the fact that this game can be practiced for free on many online slot machine related websites. And if you are ready to experience the real deal with real coins, then you can find your way to WGS powered casinos and start your thrilling Wheel of Chance 3 Reel Slots adventure today.