Island Gold Slots

Equal parts Island and equal Gold, Island Gold Slot game is a rather low key game that will keep you feeling calm and relaxing while you play. The game makes you feel like you are on the beach chilling out while playing the game. If you dig the artistic set up the game has, and are looking for something different, by all means, give Island Gold Slots a go. Much as the title suggests, the premise and theme of Island Gold Slot game is the beach. There are quite appealing random cutouts of beach related items that actually works very well. The gameplay is rather straightforward, and the game has several features of note.

Presentation, Theme & Symbols

We think the graphics of Island Gold Slots are pretty impressive and vibrant. Everything is crispy clear, colourful, and really compelling to look at, which makes the time you spend playing the game all the more enjoyable and a lot easier to play because of how easy it is on the eyes. They have palm trees, sand, sea, clear blue sky and nothing feels out of place. The colours are bright and pretty much like a children's book. The game icons are well designed and do justice to the game contributing colour and variety. The full list of game symbols used in Island Gold are the following, a Cocktail, a Coin, a Drum, the Moon, a Palm tree, a ripe Pear, an evil looking Shark, a Shining Star and the Sun.

Mechanics of Island Gold

Unlike the game's theme, the actual gameplay of Island Gold Slots is standard and easy to understand. The game has 5-reels and 5 pay lines, so it does not break the mould, choosing instead to keep things simple and classy in ways we can really respect. Betting ranges from a penny to $5, making this quite an accessible slot game that almost anyone can jump into. The multiple coin values make up the betting variety. There are several coin values to choose from including the following, $0.01, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1, with $5, with a top coin value of $10. The maximum game bet rises to $50. The while betting process can be controlled by using the game control buttons located at the bottom of the screen under the reels. They will allow you to set the exact bets using the various coin values. You can also control the flow of the game and buttons are all self-explanatory and intuitive. The AutoPlay button will allow you to regulate and set a fixed number of auto spins while you sit back and relax. It is a worthy addition to the game's features.

Mobile Gold

Island Gold slots has a great mobile version along with the PC one. It has been optimised and streamlined for mobile usage and is fully compatible with most modern day devices. The game can be downloaded to the PC or mobile device, or you can play using Instant Play mode, with no waiting necessary. The game graphics are way above average, and the sound effects contribute to the overall immersive atmosphere. Using a good quality tablet or smartphone ensures you get the best out of the game as the graphics come across beautifully and super-clear. Playing with your headphones increases the immersive effect of the game, and you will feel you are actually in a land casino playing this slot.


Island Gold slots has solid and classic gameplay mechanics and pretty decent payouts. The wagering starts at just a penny, and the top bet is a rather high $50 per spin, which make the game appealing to all types of players. The theme and game symbols are all well designed, and the overall feeling is one of calm and quiet satisfaction when playing the game. The game succeeds where others falter as it keeps things simple and easy to understand thereby attracting a broad base of players. The game offers many possibilities of winning a payout of some sort or other. When the winning symbol combinations eventually land, the feeling of satisfaction cannot be avoided! Try it out for yourself and feel the summer sun shining down on you!